About Dr. Logesh Sway

Dr. Logesh Sway Periodontist

I am trained at University of Illinois at Chicago for dental specialty treatments like dental implants, laser (Lanap), bone grafting and other major surgical procedures. During my free time, I love being with my family.

Dr. Farid Habibian Dentist

Dr. Farid Habibian graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 2016 as an honor student. After graduating from dental school, he started his general practice residency (GPR) at Lincoln Hospital in Bronx ,NY, where he gained experience in advanced techniques and procedures in dentistry. After finishing his residency, Dr. Habibian moved to Vancouver to enjoy the west-coast life style. During his clinical training, he gained lot of experience in implant restorations and he is an Invisalign certified dentist. He enjoys doing all aspects of dentistry, including crowns and bridges, root canals, dentures and teeth whitening. He has great chair side manners and he loves providing dental care to children as well as adults.

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